BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra Video Card
Today, the overall PC experience is increasingly dependent on efficient processing of graphics information. Just consider what you use your PC for: browsing the Web, playing games, watching videos or listening to music. Even work applications, such as PowerPoint, are taking more and more advantage of 3D graphics.
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Intellisample Technology

NVIDIA's earth-shaking next-generation GPU takes image quality to new stratospheric heights, and sports enough juice to keep that eye-candy flowing without so much as a hiccup. Whether you're dying for the next wave of state-of-the-art digital entertainment, or just want a killer makeover for your current favorites, the NVIDIA® GeForce FX GPU's sheer superiority gives psychotic graphics a direct line to your visual cortex.

Antialiasing is the key to smoothing out rough edges, or "jaggies," that often appear on the edges of 3D geometry. The Intellisample technology's intelligent antialiasing captures a higher-resolution version of each image, then resizes and resamples it for output to your screen, smoothing away imperfections. The GeForce FX's new 6XS mode delivers silky-smooth visuals not seen in the current 4X or 4XS modes, calculating 50% more samples. This feature is available through the control panel, so even current games can take advantage of this stunning new level of clarity.

The Intellisample process also uses gamma-adjusted sampling, taking into account the dramatic physical differences between how your eyes and monitor perceive light and color, making for much smoother and more natural edge transitions.

What's more, the GeForce FX's innovative new architecture includes an advanced and completely transparent form of lossless depth Z-buffer and color compression technology. The result? Essentially all modes of antialiasing are available at all resolutions without any performance hit. Greatly improved image quality, with no drop in frame rate!

Intellisample also incorporates the most advanced anisotropic filtering available. When a textured surface is close to edge-on with your viewpoint, the detail and accuracy of that texture drops drastically. NVIDIA's proprietary anisotropic filtering eliminates this distortion adaptively by determining how extensive distortion is likely to be, and applying its filtering muscle proportionally, so you get every last drop of quality and performance possible.

The GeForce FX inspires and fosters new levels of creativity in developers, and raises the realism of the digital experience for all users. For the first time, developers can give users exactly what they want—games with characters, special effects and animation that match those of the film world. It's a brave new world: don't face it with anything less than the best.

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