BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra Video Card
Today, the overall PC experience is increasingly dependent on efficient processing of graphics information. Just consider what you use your PC for: browsing the Web, playing games, watching videos or listening to music. Even work applications, such as PowerPoint, are taking more and more advantage of 3D graphics.
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nView Multi-display Technology

NVIDIA®'s nViewTM multi-display technology provides a revolutionary way to multi-task and process information easier. Instead of stacking window upon window within the confines of a single display, imagine spreading your work across multiple displays. Financial analysts can have a monitor for tracking each data stream. Graphic artists can use an entire display for palettes, and another for editing. The possibilities are endless.

nView is seamlessly integrated within the Microsoft® Windows® environment, helping users to maximize productivity though advanced desktop and application management. nView also provides increased efficiency on a single monitor by enabling multiple Windows desktops, quicker access to hidden windows with transparency and window rollups, and hotkeys for access to all nView functions. nView provides a quick and easy way for you to manage multiple Windows desktops, thereby increasing your efficiency and enabling you to see what you've been missing.

New nView 2.0 Application Features:

Improved Multi-Display Graphical User Interface: Quick access to nView new windows enhancements - such as windows rollups - through integrated windows button

Special Effects Improve Windows Interface: Improved transparency performance and new modes allow users to find information quickly on cluttered desktops

Zoom Modes Provide Easier Viewing: Faster zoom performance and new zoom modes allow users to view information even easier

Industry's Best Multiple Desktop Management: Allows users to create up to 32 desktops with unique names, background wallpaper, and display settings, including resolution, color depth, and refresh rate

Superior IT Management: Allows IT managers to create unique nView profiles, locked to Administrative access

Better Application Management: Robust application and window management allows users to harness the power of multiple displays and multiple desktops

Improved Ease-Of-Use Hotkeys: Redesigned hot key assignment utility streamlines user interaction Enhanced Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation Mode: Control placement of your presentation slides and notes view in a multi-display environment

nView 1.0 Application Features: Setup Wizard: Enables quick and easy installation of nView multi-display Transparency Effects: Quickly view hidden applications on cluttered desktops Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Extensions:Enables more efficient web searches

Hot Keys: Bind every nView action to a keyboard hot key

Advanced Zoom Features: Quickly enlarge portions of the screen to view information easier and to do precision editing

Multiple Desktop Management: Create up to 32 different Windows desktop workspaces to control information flow

Window And Application Management: Gives users full control over repositioning dialog boxes and application windows

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