Air Purifiers Out With the Bad Air In With the Good

We do it fast. We do it slow. Every day, we breathe in and out, thousands of times. In fact, we do it so often that we don't even think about it, nor do we spend much time considering the quality of air that we breathe in.

Every moment that we breathe, is every moment that someone or something is pumping harmful pollutants into our air. Few of us stop to consider the importance of air quality until we reach a point where our health is compromised by the air around us. Dust mites and their feces are considered to be responsible for at least 10% of the population's respiratory conditions and, no matter how clean your house, they always manage to stick around, creeping over your pillows and across your furniture. Pet dander often floats through the air, and we've all heard the harmful risks that tobacco smoke poses. Fortunately, air purifiers provide new relief. There are numerous types of air purifiers on the market.

Coming in all different styles, shapes and sizes, a single air purifier can be designed to clean a single room or an entire house. No matter what the job, there always seems to be an air purification system that will work perfectly for you. Killing germs, viruses, bacteria and removing dust, pollens and pet dander from the air, they can prove a lifesaver to those who suffer breathing problems, such as asthma or chronic allergies. While most air purifiers are beneficial, some devices claiming to be air 'purifiers' commonly use ozone or other potentially harmful chemicals to clean the air.

Ozone is a very toxic gas, far different from the air that we breathe and one should always be leery of purchasing such devices. HEPA air purification units, however, use electrostatic air to clean and are proven to remove 99.97 percent of pollutants.

When choosing an air purification unit, it is always best to do a little research, paying attention to consumer reports, warranty of unit and their guarantee status. Also ensure that the air purification device is designed to do what you want; while some will claim to clean the entire house, most units are only designed to clean a certain amount of air space and will need to be moved from room to room.

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