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STFB Accounting provides full feature for online accounting, but the greatest challenge for the online accounting system will be the security. Online user always concerned about their how secure is the financial data when anyone with the password will be able to access such information, without any needs for special program, that's the beauty of STFB accounting. Fortunately with proper coding in ASP.Net, security is tighter and less concerns as a problem for online user, they can enjoy the flexibility and the power of Internet to access their financial data anywhere, any time! However, online user should always be alert to online fraud, phishing email and telephone calls.

Hacker will be able to steal the user password by deploy backdoor keylogger or spyware into their computer. To avoid such a threat, there are 2 options. Option #1 - Implement second level of security.

Implement the hardware based password generator or special access card with a mapping table, user can follow online instruction to access the mapping table and find the second password to enter into the system. Without the physical hardware or access mapping table, the hacker will not be able to steal the information. Option #2 - Use alternative Windows software.

User can consider switching from web accounting to the online Windows based accounting system such as Cynics Windows Accounting. Cynics Windows Accounting allows user with the Internet connection to remote access their data anywhere anytime, but require a special client program to login, the hacker will not be able to access without the Windows client program, this add better security against web based accounting. There are no doubt STFB Accounting is more convenient, but at the security stand point, Cynics Accounting seems to be more secure.

Although both come with source code, and the developer can implement secondary security with no problem, however, the fact still remain that web based accounting is more vulnerable! Depending on your company environment, if web access is not a requirement, it will be wise to always use the windows based accounting system over web based accounting. Unless the company strategy relied heavily on the success of web based ERP system, then developer should use STFB Accounting and add secondary security to the system. (C) Copyright 2008 CYNICS SOFTWARE - Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety as long as all links and author resources box in place.

Visit Cynics Software and find out more about Online Windows Accounting or try to download the Trial Accounting Source Code and find out how dot net remoting works!

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STFB Accounting Alternative Online Accounting - STFB Accounting provides full feature for online accounting, but the greatest challenge for the online accounting system will be the security.

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