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The main idea behind ALOAHA SPAM Rejector was to develop a product which intercepts e-mails before entering the operational system known as "reject before data", thereby avoiding the sorting of SPAM and HAM. Also very important was the inspiration to give companies a powerful tool to filter e-mails without breaching legislation concerning content checking solutions. ALOAHA is not limited only to "reject before data". It also supports more features like keyword and attachment checking.

Goals of Aloaha * Reject before data. * Reduce mail traffic. * Reduce administrative costs.

* Create a faster operational system. * Create a more reliable solution than "content sorter". * Be scalable. * Open standard API's. Features List * Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Support (Freeware SPF SDK incl.

). * Microsoft Sender ID Support. * Automatic IP blacklisting. * Unlimited Number of remote Black-/Whitelist (RBL/RWL) support. * Relaxed Grey listing.

* Script Engine included. * Open, modular API's. * Scalable for server farms. * Network Load Balancing Cluster support. * Central Database can be shared across multiple Aloaha Instances.

* Automatic editing of mails. * No IIS/Exchange SINK needed but can be used optional/additional. * No .NET required extra security * Works together with every SMTP Server. * Microsoft MMC integrated.

* Active Directory integrated. * LDAP support. * AV Interface.

* Disclaimer Module, per Domain configurable. (SINK Mode) * HTML to text converter. (SINK Mode) * Rejects mails rather than quarantining/deleting them.

(Proxy Mode) * Inbuilt NDR rejecter. * Automatic removal of Status delivery requests for your privacy. * Regular Expression Support. * Intelligent POP3 Connector included.

* Freeware POP3SDK included as well as samples such as POP3 to WAP interface. * Freeware NNTP SDK included. (incl. Sample scripts). * Standard Filter such as IP/Subnet/Domain black-/whitelists, headerchecking * Extends functinallity of Microsoft IMF Filter Even the Microsoft IMF Filter is able to reject SPAM Mails. Unfortunatly that is only possible if you install Exchange 2003 on the perimeter of your Network.

Thanks to the innovative proxy architecture of Aloaha it is now possible to use the IMF Reject Filter without installing Exchange on the perimeter.

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