Behold the JBL On Stage II

JBL has a new product to add to its range, the JBL On Stage II, retailing at around 120.00 USD), complete with remote control, looks set to be another well evolved step forward in personal sounds in conjunction with the iPod. Available in black or white, powerful and compact, this high performance iPod sound system is also able to accommodate numerous other types of MP3 player. Circular in shape, with a round hole in the middle (this donut shape providing surprisingly even 360 degree sound), as with most docking stations this multitalented machine attaches with media devices at its centre. A powerful volume and clear, crisp JBL sounds can be selected with the remote control at up to 50m away, as well as through walls.

Apart from the iPod shuffle, pretty much all iPod models are able to dock with this device, including nano, mini and 5G forms available. A stereo mini jack connection means that you are able to relish top quality sounds from a host of other devices like desktop computers, laptops, CD and MP3 players. Controls are simple, the volume, mute mode and other system functions are all modified with simple touches on pads. The level of the volume is remembered if a system shut down happens.

Being small and compact this device is easily transportable and lightweight. OnePoint iPod connectors enable a connection with your computer. When the standard iPod cable is attached to the back of the JBL On Stage II your iPod will not just be docking, but also recharging and synchronizing.

Charging your iPod when not connected to the computer is a simple case of plugging your iPod wall charger into the back of the JBL On Stage II. The majority of surfaces represent no problem with this machine since it has grippy rubber feet. An auxiliary audio input cable is also supplied as standard. Strong neodymium magnets drive each of the four aluminum-domed transducers, enabling the full spectrum of sounds, from deep bass to the sharp, high pitches.

The graphic equalization is computer controlled. High levels of sound output are not a problem since specific compression technology is amply administered. The nitty gritty details are: Power output is at 6 Watts for each channel Frequency response is 80Hz-20Hz Input impedance is less than 5k ohms Signal-to-nose ratio is less than 80dB Voltage input of 120V AC U.

S. (100V AC Japanese, 230V AC Europe) Overall weight is 450g Dimensions: 175mm diameter, 50mm height So, although not able to compete with the vastly powerful and highest quality home theater system speakers, or even 300 USD iPod speaker systems, the JBL On Stage II holds its own in its price bracket with value and great music quality.

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