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Protection against spyware is something that everyone should take seriously. Having credit card details or even the password stolen could make the person end up paying for things that were never purchased or even compromise ones career. Because new threats are made everyday, software companies are continuously working night and day to create updates for the consumer. It is one thing to know what spyware can do. It is more difficult to distinguish something real from one that is fake which has also been the fate of some people.

The best way to protect oneself is to get recommendations. These are usually reviewed in PC magazines and in certain websites. But for those who don't have time to buy or look for these on the web, here are some of the best spyware removal software in the market. Coming at number one with more than 67 million downloads from home and corporate users is Spybots Search and Destroy. The program itself does exactly that and much more as this also prevents the threat or something similar to it from coming back. Windows users may download Beta into the operating system to also prevent this from happening.

The latest version has been renamed to Defender but so far, this is only compatible with Windows 2003 and XP. So, those using lower versions will have to start upgrading. People have also appreciated Symantec. It has a spyware removal program that is not free but those who want to try it may use it for a month and then decide whether to continue using it by buying the package. One advantage this program has is that it will activate once the computer is switched on.

A feature that some companies do not provide which should be an industry standard. McAfee has a similar version that is already build in to its product called Virus Scan. There is no free trial period but the name it has established doesn't turn off customers to pay the price for the service it provides.

Lavasoft is quite new in the market and has not disappointed its users. The software is free and after scanning the computer, the person has the choice of how to deal with the threat. Sometimes deleting the spyware may cause disruptions to the computer. Getting a software program that can repair the damage like the one provided by HijackThis can prevent this.

Surveys have shown 1.5 million people are happy with the performance after downloading it and this number is expected to grow as long as it continues to offer good service. There are so many other programs available that have been proven to be just as effective as the free and paid versions mentioned. The person should just use the search engine to look for it and compare each one first before deciding to download it. It will also be a good idea to have another one working at the same time. This backup system will be able to prevent spyware from entering if this was not scanned and detected by the first one.

The person probably spent close to a $1,000 to buy the desktop or laptop. It will probably cost $200 or even more should this have to be brought to the shop. Spyware and viruses are threats that can be prevented by having the proper software installed and running at all times.

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