BiCoastal Presence of Systems Furniture

Increased sales growth caused the expansion of MAiSPACE's east coast headquarters (see Newsletter Volume 7). MAiSPACE realized the burgeoning west coast market needed a local presence as well. "Our customers and dealers deserve to have the same level of attention and service as those on the East coast were accustomed to," according to Mark Bassil, Vice President, Marketing. In early 2008, the company opened a new showroom and distribution facility in Garden Grove, California (Oranvge County), with a total of 37,000 square feet of operating space. Having established a proven business model on the east coast, MAiSPACE used the New Jersey site as a "blueprint" for the California facility.

The new facility needed to function as both a regional distribution center and showroom with functional workspaces. Solidifying its commitment to west coast customers, MAiSPACE teamed up with Final Assembly, a warehousing and installation firm. This provides customers with regional full service capabilities, lower lead times and the ability to experience the quality of MAiSPACE products first hand. Taking Final Assembly's existing 1,500 sq.

ft of office space and expanding it to a "warm shell" of 3,500 square feet came at a cost of $50,000. MAiSPACE retained 3 existing private offices, with the exception of a built-in "storefront" including a door, sidelight, and clear- story. The rest of the space includes 3 floor-to-ceiling workstations, 13 various size partial height workstations, plus seating, tables, conference room and reception station, which highlights the versatility of the product. And all at a remarkable consumer cost of only $19 per square foot.

The floor plan design includes 2 semi private offices without doors, one private office, 6 higher height workstations (66" ? 84" high), 3 mid height workstations (66" H), 4 low to mid height workstations (48" ? 66" high), 2 low height (48" high), a reception station and a conference room, plus mix of task and managements seating. Using a variety of warm and vibrant colors through Grade 2 and 4 fabrics (including COM from DesignTex and Luna Textiles), metallic paints, banded, frosted and clear glass, Coverseal tiles and worksurfaces, and metal trims, MAiSPACE was able to convey a contemporary and sophisticated look that is appealing to an upscale yet budget conscious consumer. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Systems Furniture and Call Center Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles.Bi-Coastal Presence of Systems Furniture.

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