Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigate With Ease

Garmin nuvi 360 GPS - The Garmin nüvi 360 Personal Travel Assistant is a GPS navigator, multimedia entertainer, personal translator, and tour guide all bundled into one. In addition to all the sophisticated features of the Garmin nüvi 360 -- including turn-by-turn voice instructions, automatic routing, JPEG picture viewer, an MP3 player and audio book player, and a lot more. This pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with hands-free Bluetooth wireless technology giving it the hands-down go-anywhere travel assistant. Make Hands-Free Calls The nüvi 360 integrates wireless technology with a microphone and speaker that allows you to make hands-free mobile phone calls using your compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. Just dial the numbers with the nüvi's touch-screen keypad to place a call and to answer calls, simply touch the screen and talk straight into its built-in microphone.

You can easily find and dial numbers from your customized phone book or from your phone's call history log. Don't know the phone number for your destination? Just find and dial it from nüvi's database of almost 6 million points of interest -- including hotels, eateries, fire stations, and other attractions. Navigation and Entertainment with Ease The nüvi 360 has a extreme-sensitivity incorporated GPS receiver that offers exceptional performance and reception. The navigator's flip-up antenna includes an MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection. Preloaded software features maps of Europe or North America and it includes automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice instructions that speak street names, 2D or 3D map perspective, and a fingertip touch screen interface -- making navigation as comfortable as it gets. But navigation is simply the beginning.

Similar with the nüvi 350, the nüvi 360 also includes many entertainment and travel tools including an MP3 player, JPEG picture viewer, audio book player, travel alarm, and currency converters. The nüvi 360 features a bright, 2.8 x 2.1-inch TFT display with white backlight for easy readability. At 3.87 x 2.

91 x 0.87-inches and just 5.1 oz.

, the equipment is small enough to be set on the dashboard with the added suction mount, or into your pocket for easy transportability. The equipment also features Garmin Lock -- an sophisticated anti-theft feature that invalids the equipment from executing any functions until you key in a specific 4-digit PIN or take the equipment to a predetermined place. A built-in lithium ion battery will hand you up to eight hours of use and an added 12/24 volt adapter cable will let you operate the navigator off your car's power. A built-in Travel Kit that includes sample music and audio books will have you started with entertainment and with the navigator's SD memory card expansion slot you can add up optional software such as language and travel guides.

A USB port is also included for uploading and updating info.

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