Kaspersky Labs The Best AntiVirus Protection

The evolution of the Internet has led to a heightened risk to network security by increasingly complex viruses and other forms of malware.Once very simple programs, viruses now come with sophisticated stealth and polymorphing technology. To protect your system and data, Kaspersky Labs offers the best anti-virus protection for both home and business users.

All Internet users will be threatened by a virus at one time or another, usually many times each year. Each time you follow a website link, watch a video sent to you by a friend, or download a game over the internet, you are exposing your computer to viruses. Businesses who fall victim to a computer virus will see a dramatic decrease in productivity due to company downtime, and will experience a decline in customer confidence following a network security breach.

A virus can be as simple and harmless as changing the subject of your emails to "Ethan Frome," or it can be destructive enough to wipe out a hard drive and destroy its contents ? after delivering vital private information to the virus's programmer. Without the best anti-virus protection to shield you from these viruses, you open yourself, your company, and your customers to identity theft and thousands of dollars in damage and replacement costs. The best anti-virus protection software will not only recognize a virus after it has revealed itself, but will proactively search out viruses on your computer and destroy them. Kaspersky's sophisticated anti-virus software can see through layers of encryption coded into the virus and remove it before it can do any harm to your system. The award winning anti-virus and security software provided by Kaspersky Labs repeatedly ranks above the competition for independent testing and reviews.

Kaspersky's software has a higher virus detection rate than competitors, at 98.86%. Competing anti-virus software provides users with only 88.85% protection.

The unparalleled 664 updates per month ensure that Kaspersky users are protected by the most up-to-date anti-virus software possible. Kaspersky Labs provides users with many benefits that competitors do not, making their product the best anti-virus protection on the market. Features such as real-time scanning of Internet traffic, automatic hourly updates, system monitoring for unusual behavior, and disinfection after attacks set Kaspersky Labs apart from other leading anti-virus software providers. Moreover, Kaspersky's solution can be customized to allow alteration of the interface appearance, and to permit scan variation based on the user's activity.

Providing an industry-leading Internet threat response time, and the largest number of features on the market, Kaspersky's solution is the best anti-virus protection currently available.

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