Make Your Laptop More Comfortable To Use With Accessories Like These

Many people are beginning to buy laptops now that prices have gone down on them so much, some are using only a laptop for their computer usage and others like myself use the laptop in conjunction with their desktop or when we have to go away for trips. It is amazing to me how many different accessories are available to customize a laptop. There are numerous performance enhancements that you can add but since most of us go out and buy the most advanced system we can, I am going to focus more on the accessories that will help make your laptop more comfortable to use. One of the best investments I made for my laptop was a laptop beanbag table. This handy little item that is tapered and angled giving you a comfortable solid surface to work on so that you can sit in bed or on the couch and use your laptop more easily.

The hard table also allows for proper cooling which keeps your laptop from overheating, something that happens often just sitting on your lap. To make it even more comfortable the bean bag table also has an ergonomic gel wrist rest to help prevent wrist strain and maladies like carpal tunnel syndrome. Not only was this one of the best investments for me in terms of comfort, it was also one of the cheapest. Another cool invention is called the laptop wall caddy which makes it super convenient and comfortable to use your laptop anywhere you want in your home. It is basically like a portable desk.

The height of the laptop wall caddy is easily adjustable and has a top that flips down to give you a stable workplace and then can be folded out of the way to save space. This is really great if you have a small home or apartment and don't really have the space to be able to set up a permanent workstation. Another thing that I consider in the comfort area is also a performance enhancer, a wireless card. The reason I consider it a comfort feature is because it gives you freedom to use your laptop anywhere without being confined to a certain space or tied to wires.

Of course you will need a wireless service plan as well, but it is worthwhile to have just to be able to enjoy the mobility that it affords you. I promise once you get it you will never want to give it up. Make sure you have extra batteries too, that way you don't have to be plugged in at all.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more about laptop accessories and laptop batteries at

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