Plasma and LCD TV Which Is Better

Technology can be a bit confusing when you are dealing with terminology. Take for example LCD and plasma TVs and how most people do not realize that there is a distinct difference. Sure both are flat screen televisions, but the technology behind that glorious clear picture is vastly different. They are not the same. A flat screen TV can be an LCD or a plasma TV, but there is a difference between the two terms. You need to know the basics when you are looking to purchase a new telly.

LCD and plasma TVs vary in how their projection of an image is made. A LCD television is two pieces of a material, transparent of course, that have liquid crystal pumped between. The crystal cells filter the colors.

A plasma TV has two pieces of glass and gas is pumped in between. The gas is charged and the particles, once struck by the gas, give off red, green and blue phosphors. This process produces pixels and makes up the picture. So, which of the two are better? That is a matter of opinion but plasma flat screen televisions do suffer from excessive heat if left on too long and can have what is called a "screen burn." Computer monitors also experience this, but the use of a screen saver will prevent it form happening.

Yes, the information can be a little bit intimidating and you may not even care about the inner workings of the LCD and plasma TVs. But at least you will have the knowledge and be able to tell the difference. Whatever technology you decide you like better, you can now say you made an informed decision based on the information available. If you decide to buy a plasma or LCD television, then compare the differences and then decide for yourself.

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