Solio Makes Charging Electronics Ecofriendly And Convenient

Capturing energy form the sun to power everything from iPods to smart phones, for a simple charge Solio has you covered. No one said environmentalism was easy, but at least with Solio it's convenient. Having the fan-based design in the direction of the sun, will give Solio chargers the ability to convert solar power into electricity to power most electronics. When not in use, the energy collected from the sun is stored in an internal battery for future use. The light weight aspect of Solio allows it to be used anywhere.

In his expedition based in the North Pole, featured user Dr. Ian Davis described Solio as being "reliable and indestructible." A key factor in using a Solio charger is to conserve power, but using a wall adapater for 4 hours is sure to give the internal battery a full charge. Life is about options and that's exactly what Solio gives you. For the most part, Solio can either be viewed as the pro-environment leader of the planet or convenient manufacturer for electronic devices. Anything that needs a quick charge, Solio more than likely has your back.

Being left outside for some time, the internal battery should be full and all that's left is charging the device. That's the nice thing about Solio's portable chargers, you can power your electronics on the go, at any given point. Light from the sun, absorbed through solar panels for 8 - 10 hours gives the internal battery a full charge. The stronger the sunlight, the more electricity is generated. Too many things run on electricity, and more often than not those things eventually need to be charged again. But when your battery is drained during an important call or playing an intense game of Pong, you'll be glad you have a Solio nearby.

Come by to learn how the Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger can provide you with a great source of alternative energy! You can also learn about further energy saving products

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