The AntiRootkit Designed To Protect You Against Virus Collections

Computer crackers do not enjoy making multiple efforts to install the array of viruses onto any one computer system. For that reason, they have developed a “rootkit.” The rootkit program generally remains undetected in whatever computer it has been installed. All of the data on that rootkit program also evades detection.

. .A rootkit program should not be viewed as a single program.

It is a whole collection, a kit, of programs. The rootkit software has programs for viruses, for backdoors, for keyloggers and for sypware. Each of those programs hides behind the software contained in the rootkit program.

. .Software developers must constantly work on new anti-rootkit software. That is because the release of each new software system leads computer crackers to engage in frenzied efforts.

They work to create a rootkit that can interact with the new software system. . .

When Microsoft released the XP version of its software, the computer crackers got busy. It wasn’t long before there came on the scene a rootkit that could get inside an XP-driven computer system. Then software developers had to design a new type of anti-rootkit. . .That process repeated itself with the release of the Vista program from Microsoft.

Vista software underwent fewer variations than XP software. That meant less work for the computer crackers. They needed to design fewer rootkits, fewer different programs that could interact with the available Vista variations. .

.Perhaps because the computer crackers did not have to spend as much time creating an array of similar yet different rootkits, they had the time to work on a new and more “evil” rootkit program. In December of 2007 the computer world got word of a new rootkit.

According to reports, that rootkit had found a frightening new place to take-up space within the computer. . .That new rootkit hid in the Master Boot Record of the computer user’s disk.

By lying in that location, the rootkit was “poised” to slip into several different software programs. It could enter an XP program, a Vista program or an NT program. . .

The new rootkit program did not occupy a large amount of space on the disk where it chose to hide. It occupied only a few sectors on that disk. By needing such a limited amount of space, the new rootkit managed to escape detection on far too many occasions. . .Now software developers are working on better anti-rootkits, better ways to detect and destroy this new collection of pint-sized computer programs.

Those software developers know that a great many computer users await word about the availability of such anti-rootkits. They know that such rootkits will help them to protect the software systems in their computers. . .

As the software developers work hard on such anti-rootkits, they have to admit that they still lack any clue as to the next possible move by the computer crackers. Will they try to design an even smaller rootkit program, one that takes up less space on a disk? Or will they try to hide a new rootkit program in still another location on each affected computer? .

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