The Hurricane For Lightweight Convenience

Being mobile can be more than just a dream today. If you are handicapped or if you are disabled, you want to be able to go places, to see all the sights, and to visit with your friends. No matter what age you are, the weight of the scooter you are using, or taking along with you, can be very important. The weight of the Hurricane is one that you can use, again and again, as it light, and transportable. More About The Hurricane The Hurricane scooter is one you will enjoy, as it will self-level. A level ride is one, which makes you feel not only safe, but prevents you from additional accidents while riding on your Hurricane.

Some Scooters do not travels fast at all, and others will make you feel as if you are driving too fast often times. The Hurricane will travel with a maximum of eight miles per hour. While in a car, eight miles per hour will seem slow, eight miles per hour in the Hurricane is plenty fast. You Will Feel Safe And Secure Riding On The Hurricane Even though the Hurricane is light, and can travel along with the fastest of the scooters, it is one controlled easily with a touch pad.

The touch pad control system is one allowing the rider to move about with ease, without having to hold their arms up high for long periods. The feeling while you are riding along on the Hurricane is one of a smooth ride, with a suspension system including shocks that will absorb the bumps in your path. Safety Is Important While Riding The Hurricane The Hurricane scooter is one that uses a suspension system, which will absorb movements while you are in the chair. This is a safety feature many love, as they don't want to feel additional pain while running on their Hurricane. The soft suspension ride is one you will truly enjoy repeatedly while shopping, or while visiting with friends.

If you are concerned about the sturdiness of the Buzzaround, you shouldn't be. The Buzzaround allows you to control movements and to get around, for those who are up to 300 pounds. It is a portable scooter, one you can load into the van or in the truck, so you can get out on vacation, so you can shop, and all without feeling too tired, or overwhelmed by your trip out on the town. The seat on the Hurricane can be adjusted to fit your size, your personal needs and you can angle back the seat as well if you like. A basket is provided with the Hurricane for carrying anything. You can see what is behind you using the rear view mirror for safe riding in close areas.

You even have a headlight for safety on the Hurricane.

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