The Modern Menace Spyware

Spyware is a small piece of software that you install onto your system usually without knowing it, that then makes a nuisance of itself or evens starts to perform dangerous actions that could make you susceptible to identity theft etc. This article will give you more information on this silent menace. One of the worst features of this software is that it is surreptitiously installed on your PC usually because you either didn't read the terms and conditions of the other software you are installing (people get paid to get you to install the software on your computer) or it is labelled as being helpful. Like when you get toolbars, most of them are spyware! Sometimes this sneaky program can be installed easily once found, the programmer knows the game is up once it has been found and lets you clean your computer, but then other like the Dotcomtoolbar are more spiteful and make it incredibly difficult to install even with most software designed to remove it. That shows you the kind of people you are dealing with here. There is always a way to remove things, but in some instances you may need professional help or instructions.

The initial wave of this software started because market research companies wanted to know what people were up to online. Of course now that has been twisted. You can get software that allows you to track every key pressed on a keyword, imagine that combined with the ability to track everywhere you go, every file you open, all your details will be exposed. For some reason spam is still going strong - who buys from these emails and ads? One less dangerous thing this software can do is to display ads that popup on your screen every so often (or all the time!) for products they are promoting. Usually high value products so expect Viagra etc, the usual junk, but as soon as you close them down you know soon you are getting another one, a huge pain.

This software can also harvest your personal details off your computer, or the websites where you fill in your details. Websites have named areas where you put your details, software can recognise you are putting your address in by the name of this area and remember it to transmit later. People online can make money by directing you to sites of interest, which then pay the person who sent you there by tracking the process using cookies (all legit). Now these scammers can replace the cookies with their own (highly illegal) so that honest hard-working people online are cheated out of their money.

The problem with spyware is that it is installed without our knowledge, who reads a 15 page disclaimer for a free piece of software you just downloaded? (even though you should read every word) Not many people, so if they hide a sentence halfway down about installing this spyware on your computer you don't stand a chance of finding it! I have software I willing installed on my computer that lets the company know what I go to online, but I know about that and trust them, anything else is criminal, scan your computer now and find out if you are infected.

The best spyware removers are not necessarily the most expensive, read our spyware reviews here and find out exactly what you are getting for you money.

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