What You Need to Know About Local Classifieds

In past times, it was common to buy things from your neighbors or barter with other local citizens in order to find the things that you needed. With the invention of big box stores and local retailers, this has become less of a concern. However, there are still pockets of local sellers going on in the local classifieds. Knowing about these sellers can help you find what you're looking for. Local classifieds are a low cost, low key way to find things that you want to buy. Though first started in the local newspapers, these classifieds have grown into electronic bulletin boards on the Internet.

By simply looking for the category of goods that you want, you can find someone else who is selling it. You can also post things that you want to find or offer up trades for things that you wish to own. The system can work very well for everyone involved. However, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind as you shop in local classifieds. First of all, you need to make sure that you are fully testing items when you go to look at them, rather than just paying for the item and then leaving.

Because you can't return your item, you will need to make sure it's exactly what you want prior to handing over any money, just as you would with a used car. Take your time to talk with the owner of the item to see what they can tell you about the working condition as well as any problems that they have had in the past. In terms of larger purchases, you may want to call in a mechanic or a specialist to look over the item as well. You will also want to take someone with you when you're going to look at items from local classifieds. Because you don't know the other person well, you might not be walking into a safe situation, especially when very expensive items are being bought and sold.

Another solution for your safety is to ask to meet in the parking lot of a public place or even a local restaurant. Any honest seller will understand that you just want to protect yourself and should not have troubles with this kind of arrangement. Common sense will also tell you that meeting up with someone in a remote area late at night is not the best idea.

If you're the one that's placed an ad in the local classifieds, you will want to make sure that you're getting the money that you deserve as well. If you list an item, try to list it slightly higher than you would normally sell it for and then this gives the buyer a little bartering control. But also have in mind the lowest price you will take and stick to that price. You should always try to get your payment in cash, if at all possible or through a third party merchant account like PayPal or similar service. This will allow you to know that the money is legitimate. Taking checks, even cashier's checks, is tricky because so many con artists are getting good at creating fakes.

If you do receive a check, make sure to call the listed bank first before accepting the payment. Local classifieds work very well in most transactions and can be a valuable method for getting the things that you want as well as selling the things that you don't need. By following these simple rules, you will make sure that every transaction is worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

Andy West is a freelance writer for CountyLoop. CountyLoop.com makes it easy to use online Business Directories and many classified ads including Local Classifieds. For more information, please visit http://classifieds.countyloop.com .

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