Will Internet Fax Replace The Old Fax Machine

Like most things on the planet, faxing has entered the computer age, can companies who are still tied to the old fax machine remain competitive in our ultra modern world? It can no longer be denied, there is definitely a new way to fax. One that is paperless, mobile, convenient and a lot simpler than the old fax machine. Faxing has entered the computer age.

Actually the old traditional fax machine's days may just be numbered as more and more individuals and companies switch their faxing services over to Internet or Email Fax; there has been a definite shift in how faxing is done. For those still living in the Dark Ages, a little explanation may be in order. Internet Fax is simply using the Internet and your email system to do your faxing. Faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in TIF, PDF or JPEG formats, and because your send and receive your faxes via the web, there is no need for the old fax machine or a second phone line. It can all be done from your PC and your online fax service site. Some well known Internet fax service providers are MyFax, eFax, TrustFax, RingCentral, Rapidfax, Send2fax.

as well as lesser-known yet very good services such as Faxage out of Denver and MetroFax out of Seattle. There is a small service charge for these faxing services that can be a very modest ($20 a year) to around $10-$15 a month - depending on your faxing needs. Keep in mind, international faxing rates will be more expensive. Why use Internet Fax? Mainly because online faxing is much more convenient; you can send and receive your faxes anywhere, anytime.

It is completely mobile, you can access it wherever you have the Internet and these days that's just about everywhere. Since it is paperless, Internet Fax is also more environmentally friendly. According to Energy Star, a U.S. environmental protection agency, copiers and fax machines are the most energy-intensive types of business equipment because they are paper-intensive and are left on 24 hours a day.

Remember, paper production in terms of energy used is second only to petroleum, so using less paper products can only be seen as a good practice. Internet Fax can also be more economical, especially in regards to start up costs for small companies or individuals since there is no extra phone line and you really don't need a fax machine. No inks, no paper. Perhaps, one of the most important, yet often overlooked reasons for having or using Internet Fax is competitiveness.

In our fast paced, computerized working environment, being constantly connected to your loyal customers and clients is a major plus. In certain industries and companies, being reachable and available at all times simply makes good business sense. Internet Fax can give you a slight competitive edge in a very competitive world. It's your call? Copyright (c) 2008 Titus Hoskins.

For more information on Internet Fax Services & Pricing try this handy online Fax Comparison Guide: http://www.onlinefaxguide.com Or why not grab a copy of this convenient Fax Guide as it contains all the information you need for choosing an Internet Fax service: http://www.internetfaxguide.org Titus Hoskins 2008. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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